Dine Right Temple

The Temple Mayor’s Council on Physical Fitness participate in our Dine Right Temple program in order to promote healthier nutrition among people who dine in Temple, Texas. Dine Right Temple was established to recognize food establishments who voluntarily offer nutritional, properly portioned foods in a healthy environment.

Dine Right Temple seeks to improve the health of our communities by increasing the availability of nutritional information to consumers and by expanding the range of healthy choices offered.  Restaurants are encouraged to participate by offering healthy options that meet the Dine Right criteria. There is no cost to participate.

Health Conscious Tips for Dining Out:

Tips for limiting unwanted calories

  • Lighten up on beverages containing alcohol or sugar; order water with a fresh lemon or lime wedge instead of ordering regular soda or sweet tea.
  • Avoid fried or greasy foods; instead, opt for other cooking methods, such as grilled, roasted, or steamed.
  • Avoid foods prepared in cream sauce or gravy; instead, choose lower fat sauces and dressings or order them on the side to use sparingly.
  • Skip the baked desserts and ice cream; instead, order fresh fruit if it is available.
  • Pass up the appetizers and save your calories for when the meal is served.
  • Order smaller portions; look for options such as half-portions, kid’s meals, and senior meals.
  • If ordering a full-sized meal, split it with your dining partner or save half of it for later by requesting a “to go” container with your food order; fill it with the amount that you intend to save for a later meal.
  • Slow down; if you are a fast eater, try putting your fork down between bites.
  • Tips for limiting sodium
    • Ask what food items can be prepared without added salt or high sodium seasonings. This is not usually an option for preseasoned foods, but might be possible for fresh cooked vegetables and foods made to order.
    • Flavor steamed vegetables with lemon juice and add flavor to salads by using balsamic vinegar in place of dressing.

Contact / More Info:

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